SpheresTec OEM basic System

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SpheresTec OEM basic System

Incorporates all the advantages of HILEL (High Load Exchangeable Location) patented technology.

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1. Foundation stone for OEM implementations.
2. This element allows the user intuitive and very convenient one hand positioning
3. This standard model is designed for maximal lock torque of 5 [kgf*m] or 36 [lbf*ft]
4. Very stable at locked state
5. Lock release with a press of a button
6. Electric shutdown fail-safe
7. Low energy requirements

  • No power consumption at locked position
  • Low power consumption during release action

See the SUPPORT section for:

  • Mounting and overall dimensions, 3D CAD file download
  • Controller specifications, the system can be supplied with or without small PLC controller, the controller is operated by 12V transformer (supplied with the controller).
  • Working zone, guides for the best system setup.
  • User manual download, even though it’s a pure plug and play system it is recommended to read the user manual before operating the system.