About Us


Driven by a commitment to technological advancement and global well-being, Mr. Richman, the founder of SpheresTec LTD, developed a foundational component enabling the creation of a unique “helping hand” for surgeons.

This OR table-mounted system provides a full range of motion for securely positioning surgical instruments, transitioning seamlessly from rigid to flexible with a simple press of a button or pedal.

What sets the SpheresTec system apart is : its ability to bear large loads relative to its small diameter and low self-weight, achieved through a patented internal structure of the arm joints granted in 2017.

Dubbed HiLEL (High Load Exchangeable Location) by SpheresTec, this groundbreaking technology promises to revolutionize surgical assistance.

SpheresTec recently participated in an 18-month study at one of the top 10 hospitals globally, investigating the effectiveness of an ergonomic intervention among surgical assistants in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Utilizing wireless EMG sensors, researchers measured muscle activity before and after implementing the SpheresTec Laparoscopic Camera Positioning System (LCPS). Preliminary results, soon to be officially published, revealed differences in pain levels in various muscles, highlighting the potential long-term benefits of SpheresTec technology.

Feedback from attendees at SpheresTec exhibitions has been overwhelmingly positive, recognizing the transformative impact of the technology on surgical practices and patient care.:
• “It’s Only a Matter of Time Before This Technology is Used in Many Different Applications That Couldn’t Be achieved Before. It’s Really Going to Be Revolutionary.”
• “Finally, the interns will be able to practice properly”.
• “It will be definitely safer to the patients!
 it is not easy to hold ~0.5kg (~1lb)of the camera load, stably and accurately for several hours”
• “This will help reduce the damage to the muscles, joints and skeleton that doctors carry with them from the internship period.”
• “This allows the surgical team to free up their assistant to perform other tasks during the procedure”
• “In certain emergencies, it allows certain surgical operations to be performed without an additional human hand.”


SpheresTec medical device portfolio includes:
1. UPSUterine Positioning System for gynecological surgeries such as hysterectomy.
2. LCPSLaparoscopic Camera Positioning System for MIS surgeries
              aiding in surgical and diagnostic gynecologic (GYN) and abdominal surgical laparoscopy.
3. Medical retractors and liver lifting
4. Limb positioner for optimal positioning during procedures.