About Us


In 2014, SpheresTec designed and invented the unique “spherical structure” of the positioning holding arm and filed a patent application. The product offered an innovative articulated joint component with intense locking ability. SpheresTec named the new technology – HiLEL (High Load Exchangeable Location) articulated joint.

The technology is targeted to three main fields of interest

1. Medical
2. Robotics
3. Commodity

We are currently pursuing partnerships with OEM strategic/leading companies in each of these fields to distribute the technology worldwide.
The first widespread commercial showing took place at the CMEF exhibition in April 2018 in
Shanghai China which generated overwhelming interest and support.

In 2017 after the patent was granted, the first two medical device applications were developed:

1. Laparoscopic Camera Holder
2. OR Table Limb Positioner 

A well-known exhibitor commented on HILEL:

“It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before This Technology Will Be Used In Many Different Applications That Couldn’t Be Accomplished Before. It Really Is Going To Be Revolutionary.”

The technology

SpheresTec brings an innovative breakthrough technology which revolutionizes the mechanic of adjustable articulated arms with lock/release ability.
The technology is based on a new parameter added to three existing physics parameters that define traditional spherical 3D articulated mechanisms:

1.  Size (geometrical diameter)
2.  Coupling force
3.  Friction coefficient

With this new structure, without changing any of these three existing parameters, the applied payload can be increased drastically (by factor of 450% or more), while tightly maintaining its last preset angular orientation.